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Please follow these simple steps to Register Now for Joonto and set-up your account for the first time.

Step 1: Enter your email address and choose a password while accepting the Terms and Conditions of Joonto.

Step 2: Receive Registration Email.

Step 3: Click on the Finish Now and complete the remainder of the registration process by entering in your mobile phone number and verify that this number is yours.

Step 4: After verifying your personal mobile number, click the 'send verification' button and wait 5-15 seconds to receive a text message on your device with a confirmation code. Enter the verification code on the box below and click "Verify."

Step 5: Now that you have Verified your personal mobile phone number, click 'Next' to continue to Select a Plan.  Click on a Joonto Plan by clicking 'Select' then click the 'Next' button below to continue.

Step 6: Credit Card Information - although we offer a free trial by adding $10 credit to your account, Joonto requires a valid Credit Card on file. Enter your Credit Card information and click 'Validate Credit Card.'  Once your card is validated, you will be able to click 'Next' to continue to the next step.

Step 7: Choose your Joint Virtual Number! Tis is the virtual number that will be your own to share with clients, customers, and contacts as your new Business Number which will automatically forward to your personal mobile phone number.  Please select an area code from a variety of phone numbers to choose from. If your area code entered yields no results, that means that no numbers are available at that area code, and you will have to choose a new one. Once you select a number, click on 'Select' and click the 'Finish' button.

Step 8: Dashboard - Once clicking Finish, you will be automatically routed to your Joonto Dashboard. Congratulations!  You have now officially registered with Joonto.    

Step 9: Joonto App - Now that you have competed the Joonto Registration process, you can now download and install the Joonto App. Currently Joonto is available only on the iTunes App Store.  You can download the app HERE or simply search on your mobile device for 'Joonto.' 

Step 10: Launch the Joonto App. Wait for a moment for the app to launch for the first time.  You will be prompted to allow 'Joonto would like to Access Your Contacts.' Be sure to click 'OK' in order to assure that Joonto can securely sync your contacts with the Joonto platform.  This is a critical step in the registration and sync process and by not selecting 'OK' during this step will cause Joonto to not work properly.


Step 11: Allow Notifications - This will allow notification once your contacts have been successfully synced.

Step 12: Login to the Joonto App with the username and password you completed with the Registration process. 

Step 13: Sync your Contacts - For the final Step in registering and setting up Joonto, click on the 'sync' icon on the top right of the app.  You will receive confirmation that the app is syncing.  Click OK and then you can exit the app until you receive a notification that your contacts have successfully been synced. PLEASE NOTE: On the first time syncing your contacts it can take anywhere from 1 minute to 30 minutes depending on the size of your contacts. You will receive a Push Notifications once your contacts are done syncing.

Finally, once your contacts are synced, you can launch your built-in Contacts app and should now see a 'Joonto' Phone number under the original contacts phone number.  You will dial this number in order to utilize the Joonto Cloud Platform. For more information on using the Joonto Platform, please see our article regarding Joonto's Dashboard User Guide.

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